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As we mentioned above if you want to crack any exam you must have to learn Gujarati Sahitya. not only for exam purposes but Knowledge of literature is essential if culture is to be preserved. The history of Gujarati language Can be discovered following to the year 1000.in Gujarati Sahitya Book PDF Sahitya is mainly divided into the eras first is were poets are written or spoken language in its ordinary form without any structure and the second era is were poems are writing arranged with a metrical rhythm and typically having a rhyme.

Latest Gujarati Sahitya PDF Download

Sahitya PDFDownload
Gujarati Sahitya Yug Vibhajan Click here
Gujarati Sahitykar TakhkllusClick here
Sahitya KrutiClick here
Gujarati Sahitya Question AnswerClick here
DalpatramClick here
Prasiddha PanktioClick here
Gujarati SahityakaroClick here

Gujarati Sahitya Shahzad Kazi pdf

If you want to download Gujarati Sahitya Shahzad Kazi pdf click in below link  

world inbox Gujarati Sahitya pdf

World inbox is provided the best Gujarati Sahitya book which was important for all your exams you can download Gujarati Sahitya world inbox pdf from the below link.

Yuva Upanishad Gujarati Sahitya PDF

The best book to understand the Gujarati Sahitya in simple language.Yuva Upanishad Gujarati Sahitya PDF now via the following link

Gujarati Sahitya pdf angel academy

as we all know that almost in all competitive examinations angel academy’s materials play a major role to crack exams. that why we are giving you Gujarati Sahitya pdf angel academy in this post.

Gujarati Sahitya Granth Nirman board pdf

Granth Nirman Board is the main source of any book every Sahitya book is made from Granth Nirman board pdf that’s why we came with Gujarati Sahitya Granth Nirman board pdf

Gujarati Sahitya

we have included all the topics of Gujarati Sahitya pdf and also related topics of them. You can prepare all topics of Gujarati Sahitya book pdf.book is useful for all government exams like Bin sachivalaya, Talati, Junior clerk, senior clerk, GPSC, etc…

Download: Gujarati Vyakaran PDF

Gujarati Sahitya Book PDF

Gujarati Lok Sahitya PDF has become very important in every competitive examination. Many questions of Gujarati Sahitya are asked in all government recruitment exams of the Gujarat government. This book covers every era of Lok Gujarati Sahitya pdf in detail. After this Gujarati Sahitya pdf free download, you will find Gujarati Sahitya pdf very useful in any government recruitment exam. Here in this book of Gujarati Sahitya, the syllabus has been covered in such a way that every point of Gujarati Sahitya can be understood from the Bottom.
Gujarati SahityaDownload
Gujarati SahityakarClick here
Sahityakar na Birth PlaceClick here
Sahityakaro ane temni panktioClick here
Kavi Ane Temni VisheshtaClick here
Sahityakar 01Click here
Sahityakar 02Click here

Gujarati Sahitya Parishad

 Sahitya Parishad was established by Ranjitram Vavabhai Mehta with the aim of creating Gujarati Sahitya interesting to all classes of society literary spirit in people. The headquarters of Gujarati Sahitya parish war located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Many notable people including Mahatma Gandhi and Kanaiyalal Munshi were the chairpersons of this organization. here we provide Gujarati Sahitya Parishad book pdf in the below link.
gujarati sahitya pdf

Gujarati Sahityakar PDF Download


Sahityakar PDFDownload
Hemchandra charyaClick here
Narsinh MahetaClick here
SahjanandClick here
MahipatramClick here
Vallabh MevadoClick here
BalshankarClick here
FarbasClick here
Dhira BhagatClick here
ShamalClick here
Bhoja BhagatClick here
Shu tame Jano cho ? 

Gujarati Sahitya ni Pratham Navalkatha kai hati? 

→ Gujarati Sahitya ni Pratham navalkatha SarswatiChandra hati. this novel is written was by Goverdhanram Tripathi 19th security. It was well-received by experts and was translated into many Indian languages.
We mentioned all kind of chapter of Gujarati Sahitya

 Gujarati sahitykaro no parichay

→ Prarambhik Yug
→ Madhyakalin Yug
  • Narsinh Mehta
  • Mirabai
  • Bhalan
  • Akho
  • Premanand
  • Shamal
  • Pritam
  • Dhiro
  • Bhoja Bhagat , etc…
→ Sudharak yug/Narmad Yug
  • Dalpatram
  • Narmad
  • Durgaram Mehta
  • Mahipatram Nilkanth
  • Alexander Kinlok Farbas
  • Ichcharam Desai.,etc…
→ Pandit Yug
  • Govardhanram Tripathi
  • Balashankar Kanthariya
  • Manilal Dwivedi
  • Narsinhbhai Divetiya
  • Ramanbhai Nilkanth
  • Anandshankar Dhruv
  • Kant
  • Kalapi
  • B.K. Thakor
  • Kavi Nyahnalal
  • Khabardar
  • Botadkar,etc….
→ Gandhi yug
  • Gandhiji
  • Kakasaheb Kalelkar
  • Kishorlal Mashuwala
  • MahadevBhai Desai
  • R.V.Pathak
  • Gauri shankar joshi
  • kanaiyalal Munshi, etc…
→ Anugandhi Yug 
  • Manubhai Pancholi
  • pannalal Patel
  • Ishvar Petlikar, etc…
→ Adhunik Yug
  • Suresh Joshi
  • Bholabhai Patel
  • Labhshankar Thakar, etc…
→ Sahityakaro, Upnamo, Purskaro
 Vishes Birud, Sahitya Sansthao
 Navalkathao, Khandkavyo
→ Tunki vartao
→ Ekanki, Sonet
→ Hiiku, Gazal

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